Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Round - Illustratration Friday Word of the Week

The word this week is Round.  When I was little my brother had a "Round tuit", which was basically a piece of round wood that hung on the door and had text on it along the lines of "I am a round tuit.  You always said that you would do [insert large list of chores] when you got a round tuit now you have a round tuit you can."  How I coveted that "round tuit" and how I admired its word play, marvelling at the cleverness of it - round tuit = around to it!  (NB that exclamation mark belonged to my seven year old self). I wonder if the round tuit will ever make a comeback, surely some geezer is churning them out for some market somewhere. Or maybe someone could make a round tuit app. Think of the market - all family, friends and partners of the procrastinator who has everything (well nearly everything).

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